Communication Boundaries

Prior to the invention of cell phones, etiquette prohibited calling prior to 9am or after 6pm. Now, it’s considered rude not to be available at all times. At what point did intrusions become acceptable and boundaries become rudeness?

1.5 Pregnant Pause: Handling the Bump(s) in Your Career

On your way up the career ladder, life can get in the way, and for many nail professionals, one of the biggest obstacles may be juggling a pregnancy with work.  Even if you had an ideal pregnancy with no morning sickness or other complications, this would be a challenge. Moreover, pregnancies can be unpredictable, and it’s difficult to be the …

1.4 Consistently Spectacular: Make Every Time Like the First Time

Your first appointment with a new client is like a first date, and a blind one at that. It’s understandable that you’d want to make a good first impression, but for your sake, please don’t try so hard. Whether it’s free nail art, a longer massage or extras that belong in a higher-priced service, these unwarranted perks may be your …

[1.3] Not Today, Satan: How to Politely Refuse a Service

Access to our salon businesses and services is not a consumer right; we salon owners and service providers can choose our clients and should exercise our right to refuse service judiciously. As much as we try to accommodate client requests, there are many circumstances in which we might refuse service in the best interests of our businesses. Listen to learn …


Shut Up and Listen: Kat is a Bully

Kat is giving you guys a bonus episode during our off week, further illustrating the ridiculousness of labeling a person a “bully” when they’re clearly not.

Bully for You: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

As beauty professionals who call attention to shady practices and objectionable marketing, we’re accustomed to being labeled “bullies” and criticized for “bringing negativity” and failing to “uplift” others. We respectfully disagree. In this episode, we discuss the difference between advocacy and bullying and the importance of separating your feelings from the facts.

1.1 Beauty Showmanship: How to Spot Education Frauds

A new year, a new season of beauty shows competing for your attendance. While exhibitors and product sales may be the main draw, show organizers would like to convince you that education is just as important. That would be true if all the education at beauty shows were legitimate, but it’s not. Much of it is a fraud intended to …