Kat has 10+ years experience in the industry and currently holds more than 30 international certificates and awards. Kat became the inaugural winner of the New Zealand Beauty Industry Awards’ NZ Nail Technician of the Year title in 2015 – but after 2 years running, she’s stepping back in 2017 to focus on her role as a mentor and international educator.

Like most countries, New Zealand struggles with non-standard salons that don’t follow best practice, so Kat founded the NailTechNZ collective, with a view to regulating and raising the standards of nail technology. When the earthquakes struck NZ, Kat used NailTechNZ to create a spin-off group called NTNZ Angels; a charitable organization that supports self-employed Nail Technicians who cannot work due to exceptional circumstances.

Training and working alongside some of the world’s best known Nail Stylists like Catherine Wong, Gina Sylvestro, Sam Biddle and Nail-Pro World Cup Champion Rachel Mouritsen gave Kat the confidence to tackle importing and distribution, which meant recruiting, training and managing her own team of Advanced Educators, and building an empire of Nail Professionals dedicated to the goal of raising the standard of Nail Technology across New Zealand, and now – the world.
“I’m passionate about improving the standards of Nail Technology here in New Zealand, and I’m honored to be able to share my vision internationally, as part of the Nail Tech Reality Check team.